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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Soap Saver Bag

1. Extend the life of your soap

The practice of transferring soap to the loofah frequently leads to waste. Aiming for an extra rich lather uses too much soap. The suds just go down the drain. Also, it depletes the skin of natural oils and will dry it out.

So using less soap or shampoo is a great thing! Less is more with this pouch.

With a quick soak under the water, it will be foaming in no time. With the soap saver pouch, the soap bar is contained.

2. No more soap dish goop

Soap dishes can be a giant cesspool of soap scum and bacteria. After use it is tossed to the holder where it sits in a puddle of skin filth and water.

The soap really gets down and dirty transforming into slime. Think about all the bubbles that could have been. Instead the decomposing soap bar is a gooey mess. Another to-do for cleaning day.

This is the perfect addition to specialty soap bars. They have a tendency to melt in water. Slip the soap bar into the pouch and secure it with the drawstring. This pouch snuggles around a bar of soap.

When you are finished give it a quick rinse and hang it up. You can put in the same place as your old plastic loofah. Sloppy messes and invasions of bacteria are prevented. The bag and the soap will dry easily.

3. Only the best exfoliation

This is a dual-action exfoliator. It is a divine remedy to the traditional hygiene routine. If you are looking for an effective body scrubber but soft on the skin, look no further.

Massage the body and/or the head. As mentioned above a little soap and water go a long way. The soap will lather as you exfoliate. The real magic is the all-natural sisal bristles.


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